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Global Warming Is Faster Nowadays. Will India Step Up Action

Global Warming Is Now Faster

Climate Change: There is global warming and the report projects warming to exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius in the next twenty years. There is no place to conceal from climate change. The picture is clear. The world’s latest, ultimate report out on the crisis says this is distressing every colonized region across the globe. The United […]

UN Climate Change Panel’s Damning Report: “Code Red For Humanity”

UN Climate Change Panel's Damning Report-Code Red For Humanity

IPCC Climate Change Report: “Code Red For Humanity”. Cities are hotspots of global warming because these trap heat and there’s a lack of cooling areas like water and vegetation. The United Nation’s Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, of which India is one of the 195 members, has released its sixth assessment report today. Scientists are […]

Climate change leading to melting glaciers, depleting snow cover in Himalayas: IPCC report

Climate change leading to melting glaciers depleting snow cover in Himalayas- IPCC report

Retreating snowlines and melting glaciers is a cause for alarm as this can cause a change in the water cycle, the precipitation patterns, increased floods as well as an increased scarcity of water in the future in the states across the Himalayas. Among the most alarming findings as laid out in the Inter-governmental Panel on […]