Planting Trees for Climate Change to Save Our Planet

A beautiful tree next to a lake, with branches overhanging the lake being reflected in it.

Everyone should be very worried about climate change. Even the most hardcore sceptics cannot ignore all the things we are seeing and have been seeing in recent years. Rising temperatures and rising seal levels, more frequent and violent storms, earthquakes, melting polar caps. It’s all because of climate change and it’s our fault.

We did it. Not cows, not apes. Us. Humans.

We at CO2 Living accepts that and embraces it. We admit that we do not want to go back to living like we did in a stone age society. It’s not possible. We cannot stop flying or use motorized transportation. Even if everyone used solar and wind energy, it would still not be enough because the production of these (as Michael Moor shows in his ‘Planet of the Humans’ movie) is actually hurting the planet.

It cannot be alone. We cannot ask people to change the way they live in such a drastic way. Most humans choose the path of least resistance, it’s only natural.

The good news it that the CO2 Living initiative can help you fight the war for our climate, in a safe and effective way… by planting trees.

If you want to save the planet and change the climate for the better, planting trees is absolutely the way to do it. With every single tree you plant via CO2 Living, you help combat climate change, prevent soil erosion, clean the air, create more jobs, feed animals and help save our biodiversity.

We offer you tree planting locations around the globe and we issue a certificate of doing when you plant the trees.

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