Plant a Tree Give a Gift

A beautiful Oak tree in a barren field planted as a gift to help combat climate change and deforestation.

A person is hugging the tree.

The best way (for you and me) to combat deforestation is to plant trees. Most of us can’t fit a whole lot of trees into our gardens and if you live in a big city, good luck trying to get permission.

That’s why CO2 Living was born, to help combat climate change on a global scale, by planting trees all over the globe via our partners and what better gift to give, than to plant a tree for our own, our children, the planet and for bio diversity.

That’s right, deforestation accelerates climate change by decreasing the cooling of land from water evaporation, it increases the carbon in the air and increases the carbon dioxide in the air (trees turn CO2 into Oxygen). It also changes the soil and makes it barren, easier to erode and it increases the risk of flooding.

And cutting down trees drastically increases our planets loos of biodiversity. Plants and animals die.

You can change that. Plant a tree or gift a tree to someone you love. We plant the tree and issue a certificate for you or someone you choose – and you can proudly say that you helped combat climate change, you did your part. Because the trees you plant, will help clean the air for their entire lifespan, provide jobs to the local community and help plants and animals thrive.

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