Plant a Tree Gift a Certificate

We at CO2Living know the importance of planting trees. Even with the recent reduction in global pollution due to the corona pandemic, it is important that we use the small headwind we got (at a terrible human cost!) to plant even more trees.

Our eco-system is at risk on a global scale and it will affect everyone. We in the richer countries in North America and Europe have an extra commitment to helping everyone on the planet – and you can do that by planting trees.

When you plant a tree, we give you a certificate showing the change that you made. You can pick from any of our 18 countries / locations around the globe and you can gift this certificate to someone, a loved one, your boss or your local school.

When you choose to plant trees, you not only help the environment by creating cleaner air and preventing soil erosion, you also help create work for the local population. The workers that plants these trees can feed their family and it helps the local economy as well.

Plant a tree, give a gift of giving. When you plant trees, you are helping not only earth, but the entire human race and you are preparing a better world for future generations.

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