Plant a Tree as a Birthday Gift

One of the best ways to show affection for someone is to do it with a gift and we offer to help the planet at the same time with our plant a tree for climate gift.

It’s quite simple really, pick a location to plant a tree and choose an amount, then you enter the name of the person receiving the gift and we will generate a certificate with their name, the amount of trees planted in their name and the location.

Why should you plant a tree as a birthday gift?

Trees create the air that we breathe, they are the very reason that we are alive. They clean the air that we pollute, and they help prevent soil erosion. So, planting them is a great way to offset the CO2 emission you create every day, be it by airline travel, driving your car, using your mobile device, or watching TV. Even eating something as simple as a banana will have left a CO2 footprint via the transportation from the farm, to the shop and home to your fruit bowl… You can offset by planting one or more trees.

Almost everything we do everyday in a modern society is powered in some way by a power source that produces CO2 and pollutes the planet, so if you or your friends are worried about climate change (and rightly so) you should plant a tree as a gift for someone today. you can do something to save our planet planting a tree. what is better than give this dream as gift to someone you love. A gift for today, for the future, for a better life, for a better world. read more about our project and services. we can do a great job and help you into this great and wonderful dream.

5 thoughts on “Plant a Tree as a Birthday Gift

  1. Bev wood says:

    I am approaching my 60th birthday in september and instead if having a party I would like my friends to plant 60 trees. Please will you let me know how I could go about organising this.

    • Mikkel says:

      Hi Bev,

      Simply ask them to come here and choose where to plant the trees, we offer many different places in the word to do this.

  2. Traci says:

    Hi my husband is going to be 71 and he doesn’t want anything. But I would like to do this for him. Are there places to plant in Pleasanton California?

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