How many Trees to Offset a Flight?

A great way to offset your CO2 footprint by flying is to plant trees. We have made a calculator to that helps you determine how many trees you need to plant to offset your latest or future travels.

All you need to do is to input you travel details, departing airport, number of travelers, destination and so on. The calculator then takes into account the type of airplane used (short-haul/long-haul), distance, taxing on runways, baggage weight and much more. But we made it easy for you.

You will immediately be able to see how many tons of CO2 your flight has generated and how many trees you need to plant to offset it, we also offer an easy way to plant them and the locations you can pick from.

When you plant trees to offset a flight, you help clean the air, prevent soil erosion and loos of biodiversity. You also create jobs for the local community, food for the animals in the region… all in all, you will be doing something great for the planet and you help future generations.

We will send you a certificate declaring how many trees you planted and where, and of course, a receipt of doing.

Use the calculator below and start offsetting your flight by planting trees today.


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