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What’s the carbon footprint of…cycling a mile?

What's the carbon footprint of...cycling a mile

Cycling is usually a low-carbon way to travel – but it depends on what you eat. At 2.8kg per mile this is like driving a car that does six miles to the gallon (a shade over a mile per litre). The carbon footprint of cycling a mile:65g CO2e: powered by bananas90g CO2e: powered by cereals […]

What is a carbon footprint updated 2021

The term carbon footprint crops up a lot these days. What exactly does it actually mean? Carbon footprint is a horribly abused phrase, so it’s worth spelling out exactly what it means. When talking about climate change, footprint is a metaphor for the total impact that something has. And carbon is a shorthand for all […]

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Calculating your carbon footprint is an important step towards offsetting your carbon footprint on the environment. Climate change is real and while we can all limit our travel, our consumption of foreign foods – most of us don’t really want to and the goods news is, that you can absolutely go on living exactly how […]

Reduce Carbon Footprint by Cycling

Cycling is usually a low-carbon way to travel – but it depends on what you eat. and it helps you to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Cycling. The UN climate change report warns that we need to reduce our carbon footprint before it’s too late. Here’s how bike commuting can help. You’re probably well aware […]

What is the carbon footprint of a banana?

Despite bananas being an important product, only few carbon footprint analysis have been published, and the results have varied depending on the methodology and data: from 324g to 1 124kg CO2e/kg of bananas. The banana is a strong candidate for the ultimate low-carbon food. The carbon footprint of bananas:80g CO2e each480g CO2e per kilo Bananas […]

Reduce Carbon Footprint Seasonal Eating

Reduce Carbon Footprint Seasonal Eating / From Food. Eat locally-produced and organic food. It has been estimated that 13% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions result from the production and transport of food. Transporting food requires petroleum-based fuels, and many fertilizers are also fossil fuel-based. A BBC poll has revealed that fewer than one in 10 […]

Most Effective Ways To Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

The today’s biggest challenge of this planet is the climate change. In this article I will tell you The Most Effective Ways To Decrease Your Carbon Footprint. The trees you donate in this way will not just be tonnes of fixed carbon, they will also be all the wonderful wildlife that will grow with, in […]

Top 20 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Here are top twenty ways from which you can reduce your carbon footprint based on research by Union of Concerned Scientists and the groundbreaking climate solutions book Drawdown. Other top actions are also listed – from supporting climate reducing organizations to organizing community efforts to reduce our collective carbon footprint. The first two are the […]