Understand our Carbon Offset Calculator

If you want to offset your carbon emission, also known as footprint, from flights we have a calculator that will calculate how much CO2 you emit when you fly.

The calculations are very complex, but basically what you do is you input where you fly from and to, the type of flight and number of passengers.

Our engine will calculate the flight distance based on the Great Circle Distance principle. We then look at the distance, if it’s a short-haul (anything less than 1500 Km.) we have an average airplane fuel consumption rate and if it’s a long-haul (anything above 1500 Km) we have a different average airplane fuel consumption rate. The data on airplane fuel consumption comes from the EMPA/EEA air pollutant emission inventory guidebook, so it’s valid and accurate.

We also take into effect average number of passengers, luggage allowance, taxing on/off runways, baggage handling and airport emissions. All this data is known, calculating it is not simple. But our engineers made it simple using our Calculator.

It’s also known how much CO2 a single tree planted offsets in a given amount of time, so once we have the CO2 emission of a flight, it’s simple math. We then make it easy for you to offset your flight, so you can travel and not be a burden on the environment.

Once you have input your travel data, we present with you the amount of CO2 you expend and the number of trees you need to plant to offset it. We also easily let you pick the location and once you are done, we give you a certificate. That way, anyone complaining that you are flying (for whatever reason) you can show them the certificate.

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