Carbon Footprint Calculator

Calculating your carbon footprint is an important step towards offsetting your carbon footprint on the environment.

Climate change is real and while we can all limit our travel, our consumption of foreign foods – most of us don’t really want to and the goods news is, that you can absolutely go on living exactly how you are living today…. But you need to do one thing, if you don’t want to do all the other things that limit your life experience, that is to plant trees.

We offer to do it for you because we recognize that you want to offset your carbon footprint but might not have a huge lot of land to plant and tend to trees. So, we have a whole network of organizations that help us plant trees all around the globe.  

We also made a tool that helps you calculate your carbon footprint from airline travel, they do say after all, that to travel is to live and we want you to do so with a clean conscience.

Use the calculator below and we will show you how many trees you need to plant to offset your next journey, we also issue a certificate and a receipt so you can get the benefits from tax deduction and you can show anyone who thinks you shouldn’t travel, that you have offset your carbon emission. That way everyone wins, especially the planet – because trees last and keep cleaning the air.


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